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The US Departments of Agriculture (USDA) and Health and Human Services (HHS) work together to update and release the Dietary Guidelines for American every 5 years. Each edition reflects the current body of nutrition science. The current edition (2020-2025) is available at Dietary Guidelines for Americans: 2020-2025

This edition of the dietary guidelines has been applauded for including new recommendations for infants, toddlers, and pregnant and breastfeeding women. The tag line is “Make every Bite Count” and a new website for consumers called MyPlate was launched.

What is interesting and somewhat controversial is that this edition did not lower sugar and alcohol intake, as recommended by the 2020 Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee. The updated guidelines kept the 2015-2020 recommendations to limit added sugar to less than 10% of calories per day and alcoholic beverages to 2 drinks per day for men and 1 drink per day for women. The 2020 Advisory Committee recommended lowering sugar intake to less than 6% of calories per day, and limiting alcoholic beverages to 1 drink per day for both men and women.


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USDA and HHS Just Released the Dietary Guidelines for Americans, 2020-2025

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